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Fitness and Fatherhood

Fitness and Fatherhood

Fitness and Fatherhood

Since this is my first blog post, I decided to start with a topic that is close to my heart: fitness and fatherhood. My fitness journey and path to a healthier lifestyle began out of necessity, I had some serious health issues that would have been terminal without intervention. After regaining my health, I wanted to see what I was capable of, this led to competing in bodybuilding and obstacle course races. Then in March of 2022, my son Charlie was born, and everything changed. When I first held my son an overwhelming realization of the immense responsibility I now had washed over me. This responsibility extends beyond just standard financial obligations. I have a duty to remain strong and healthy so I can set a good example, to show up when he needs me in life, and hopefully for him to never experience the burden of a sick parent. 

“Regular physical activity is beneficial psychologically for all youths, regardless of weight. It is associated positively with self-esteem and self-concept [and] a reduction in the proportion of youth smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and taking illicit drugs.” This is why it is so important to set that example. My son is growing up in a home where being active is the norm. His mom and I are able to show him what an active life looks like. He has been visiting me at the gym 2-4 times a week since he was six weeks old, he has made friends with all the gym members and tries to emulate my workouts. We go for a family walk every night when I get home. He loves being in the baby backpack when we go on hikes. Charlie loves fresh fruit and gets plenty of protein. I look forward to the days when I can coach his sports teams and his mom can show him how to cook healthy meals.  

This is why I love working with families and I do so many community events. I believe that there is so much value in being part of a strong healthy community and our children seeing that. I invite my clients to bring their children to their training sessions, and I encourage them to cook nutritious meals as a family. So not only do I aim to remain healthy, strong, mobile, and reliable for my son, I strive to help other parents to do the same. If you are a parent and what I am saying resonates with you, I implore you to reach out to us and to help inspire others. Together we can lead by example and raise a generation of healthy and active children. Sources Healthy active living for children and youth. Paediatr Child Health. 2002 May;7(5):339-58. PMID: 20046315; PMCID: PMC2795627. 


6 thoughts on “Fitness and Fatherhood”

  1. Mariah Anderson

    I can hear the passion in your words and am so proud of you for being the kind of father who teaches his son how to be a healthy and loving person. I can tell that you are an amazing father and your son is very lucky to have such amazing parents to care and love him. Congratulations on becoming the type of person who not only deserves all the happiness life has to offer but the type of person who worked day and night to live that way.

  2. Seeing baby’s out and about on adventures absorbing nature and learning about the world around them is a huge reason I want to stay active. I want to play with my little one. I want to show him that there is so much our world has to offer. I want him to learn to love to be active. I want to cultivate his natural curiosity!

  3. Aida Woodward

    You are a beautiful example. So proud to call you my friend! Happy for little Charlie too. I look forward to watching him grow up to be an amazing human like his parents.

  4. Wow!!! What a great perspective. I think having a father in the home being involved with this kids is the best thing for both the kids and the whole family. Taking your son to the gym is great! Going on adventures together as a family is awesome! Them you invite others to join in and make a community that is family friendly. That’s a rare and beautiful thing Thank you!!!

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